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Eliminate hand welding & associated risks

Tank failures can be a result of weld defects, cracking, inclusions, and more. Whatever the cause, there is potential for these failures to lead to costly downtime, work coming to a screeching halt, and extensive property damage. Our goal is to make sure this doesn't happen.  

All of our tanks are securely fused by our N-FUZE® (U.S. Pat. No. 8,133,345 & 9,278,478) state-of-the-art thermoplastic welding machine, allowing us to guarantee no weld failures.


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Innovation & quality

Innovation fixes pain points and capitalizes on opportunities. It can also foster a competitive advantage as it allows us to build better solutions and offer superior services. Our approved patented and pending patents, including welding breakthroughs and fabrication methods cannot be found elsewhere.

In addition to innovation, we also care about doing everything to the highest quality. The  reliability, durability, and performance of our solutions differentiate us from our competitors.

Making high-quality, leak-resistant tanks is critical. We understand that premature tank failure results in costly downtime and hassles. That's why we've created worry-free containment solutions. By reducing the Total Cost of Ownership, GOAD increases your bottom line.

U.S. Patents Numbers: 

8,133,345 | 8,955,711 | 9,278,478

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N-FUZE® technology

Molded corner inserts

Proudly built in the USA



We serve a wide range of industries by manufacturing reliable tanks, liners, linings, and critical containment that provides the highest value and lowest total cost of ownership by minimizing downtime and reducing lost profits.

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About GOAD

GOAD COMPANY provides the longest-lasting, most trouble-free process tanks, linings, liners, and critical containments available in the world. Our patented and patent-pending welding breakthroughs and fabrication methods cannot be found elsewhere.

Think of your tanks, linings, liners, and critical containments as more than a commodity. Consider the Total Cost of Ownership over the entire lifetime – factoring in maintenance cost (repairs and re-linings), downtime, lost production, and the expected lifespan.

We have what you need

Whether you need a single component for existing facilities or refurbishing of current equipment for a complete processing system, GOAD has both the experience and versatility to meet your objectives. 

Our manufacturing facility utilizes state-of-the-art thermoplastic welding and bending equipment. We also maintain field crews and portable equipment for lining, coating, and fabricating at your job site. Services include thermoplastic, fiberglass, and metal fabrications; lead burning; and linings and coatings application.

In-house capabilities

GOAD COMPANY’s in-house capabilities can assist you in designing and installing systems that will enable you to monitor, control, and maintain your process. By integrating component equipment, instrumentation, and control panels, GOAD can provide the system to accomplish your desired results.


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