DuoBear® Box Liners, Type II Rigid PVC/Koroseal® Lined.  DuoBear® Box Liners are fabricated from Type II PVC walls and Type II PVC bottoms, constructed using state-of-the-art plastic welding technology featuring 90° thermally formed vertical corners, machine pressure butt-welded joints and GOAD COMPANY’s Patented (#8,133,345) N-FUZE® welding technology.

To provide maximum and double process solution containment and liner strength, interior of rigid PVC is lined with 3/16” thick High Performance Koroseal® accomplished by GOAD’s Patented (#8,133,345)  N-FUZE® welding technology featuring radio frequency welded full-size panels, N-FUZE® corner welds, molded corner inserts, and a LFP Teflon® solution skirts for the most corrosive attack at the solution to air interface.

DuoBear® Box Liners provide all the advantages bonded Linings with the ease of install of a Drop-In Liner.