GOAD COMPANY’s experience with the failures of coatings as a means of secondary containment for pits and floors led us to install a superior approach over the past 20 years. Concrete cracks and so does the applied coating that’s on top of it. In addition, coatings eventually fail, often prematurely, due to the myriad of variables involved in a successful application.

Rather than tolerating eventual coating failure, GOAD overlays customers pits or floors with full-sized Koroseal® protective lining panels using our Patented (#8,133,345) N-FUZE® Lining Technology and guaranteed welds To protect this “soft” and flexible proven lining from severe impact or cutting damage (caused by falling parts or tools) rigid PVC sheet can be placed on top of the lining.

By including spark-testing and leak checking capabilities GOAD’s approach is THE state-of-the-art secondary containment for critical applications.

Secondary Containment